E2 - Enjoy Biplane :


In the 2006, Enjoy Team introduce into Ultralight Aviation world, a new Biplane kit, called E2-Enjoy.

Starting from our passion, E2 Biplane was born to let us flight safety with a very manovabrile ultralight aircraft.

In late 2008, we had introduced the final project, with fully welded steel fuselage, and aluminium wings.

E2 is a two seat (tandem configuration), drag tail ultralight aircraft, that can be equipped with engine up to 150 Hp.

Fly Enjoy Biplane, means use an aircraft with a retro charm, but very advance performance.


Performace :

Take Off roll

Landing Distance

Cruise Speed

Manouv. Speed

Rate of Climb

Stall Speed

Solo :

100 m


90 m

145 Km/h

150 Km/h

6 m/s

60 Km/h


150 m


100 m

140 Km/h

150 Km/h


65 Km/h

Specifications :

Wing Span 


Empty Weight 


Bagages Compart. 

Load Factor (limit) 

Fuel Capacity 





6,50 m

5,80 m

273 Kg

450 Kg


15 L (ca)


+4   -2 G

70 L (ca)

5 hours

200 Km/h

E2 Kit :

E2 Biplane, is supply in Kit ; as standars, we can supply kits in four different finishing steps :


Kit #1 : 

Welded 4130 steel fusolage

Assembly Tail surfaces 

Composite materials to be adapted

Welded Engine mounthand accessories

Disassebly wings

Fly controls and wirings to be adapted


Kit #2 :

Welded 4130 steel fusolage

Assembly Tail surfaces 

Composite materials to be adapted

Assembly wings, to be cover only

Fly controls and wiring ready to be fix


Kit #3 :

Welded 4130 steel fusolage already covered, ready for paint

Assembly Tail surfaces, ready for paint

Assembly wings with cables, ready for paint

wing offset and angles already checked


Kit #4 :

Biplane fully complete, ready for final assembly

optional not included


are you not able to assembly our kit? never mind, contact us, and we will find a solution suitable for you

E2 Options :

- Engine installation

- Roll out and first test flight

- Biplane painting




Accessories :

- Rear seat fully closed Canopy;

- Closure cover for forward seat (to be use as single seat)