Mod. BA 01 ODYSSEY PC545

 BATTERY 12V 13AH 545EN (OUTPUT)  /  DIMENSIONS: 131X85X177 mm / WEIGHT  Kg 5,7 /  PURE LEAD

  • Features:

-More than double the ignition current than a conventional battery. .

-Very long duration (according to EUROBAT definition 10 years or more).

-Very low self-discharge, so no maintenance need during long storage (winter, etc.).

- High download damage impossible.

 -It does not require any maintenance.

- It does not have any leakage (even expanse etc.), even gas (does not need any ventilation pipe).

 -Electrolyte firmly contained in a tissue (comparable to normal battery acids).

 -It is no longer necessary to check the level of the acid.

 -Unlike conventional batteries, no hydrogen is produced during loading.


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